Starbucks removes Turkish women posters due to media defamation campaign led by ANCA - Caspian FEED - News from Caspian and Black Sea region

The posters of Turkish female dancers, designed by Timothy Rose, a photojournalist, have been removed from the various Starbucks in Los Angeles. The removal was caused by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) stating that   the women on the posters were dancing under a Turkish flag but were not Turkish – they were Armenian. ANCA also linked the posters to an unrelated interpretation of the World War I era atrocities in the Ottoman Empire as the Armenian genocide, a highly debated t

Azerbaijan develops ICT club FEMMES DIGITALES for women and girls

Azerbaijan has created an ICT Club for women. The club debuted on December 3 at the Baku Expo Center. The opening ceremony was held during “BakuTel 2014” during the exhibit of telecommunication and information technology products. The club called FEMMES DIGITALES is the first in its structure to bring a community of female professionals together in the ICT sector. The club was created for women related to public, social and private spheres within the ICT area. The mission of FEMMES DIGITALES is

Poroshenko grants Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners for government jobs

President Petro Poroshenko has granted Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners who would hold ministerial positions in the Ukrainian government. Among the foreigners who obtained the special status are Natalia Yaresko, a United States native and head of the investment fund Horizon Capital and Aivaras Abromavicius from Lithuania who was given the position of Minister of Economy. The newly appointed minister Abromavichus said, “We are going to work hard because Ukraine is a poor and corrupt country.

Putin cozies up to Turkey for pipeline assembly

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to abandon the South Stream pipeline project due to issues with Europe and is now focusing on laying a new pipeline with Turkey. Putin blames the European opposition for the disbandment of the project because EU had issues with Gazprom, Russia’s gas giant. The South Stream pipeline was to ship gas from Russian under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and beyond. Justifying his decision, Putin said: “If Europe does not want to carry out (South Stream), then it
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Ban for gay men to donate blood limited for 1 year of celibacy

The United States is taking a mis-step forward with the FDA proposing to change the regulation of gay and bi sexual men who donate blood. Men who have sex with other men who wish to donate blood were placed under a lifetime ban due to their sexual orientation. What is now in talks is lifting and altering the ban so men who have had sex with other men may donate after a year of celibacy.  This would be lifting the lifetime ban that has been instilled since 1983. The sad truth is, this is a small